Filing A Personal Injury Claim In California

Filing A Personal Injury Claim In CaliforniaThe following article will cover:

What Are The Common Questions And Misconceptions That Injured Clients Have When They Come To You For Filing A Claim?

One common concern injured clients have is the cost of hiring a lawyer for their personal injury case. This is a misconception, as personal injury lawyers usually work on a contingency basis, meaning clients don’t need to pay upfront.

It’s important to communicate to clients that they have access to legal support and guidance without incurring an immediate financial burden. As a lawyer, you can offer reassurance by providing ongoing support and positioning yourself as their “lawyer for life” to ease their anxiety about legal matters.

Understanding And Documenting Pain Or Discomfort

Another common issue clients face is accurately describing their pain or discomfort. Insurance companies may ask questions using the term “pain,” which can lead to confusion. It’s crucial to guide clients in understanding and expressing the discomfort they experience, even if it is only minimal.

Some helpful tips for understanding and expressing discomfort include:

Recognizing Delayed Symptoms And The Importance Of Documentation

Sometimes clients may experience delayed symptoms or their discomfort might worsen over time. It’s essential to inform them that this is possible and to emphasize the importance of documenting their injuries as early as possible. Encourage clients to visit their primary care physician, urgent care, or emergency room to have their injuries documented, even if the symptoms seem trivial at the time.

Impact Of Injuries On Daily Life And Sleep

Injured clients may struggle with the impact of their injuries on their daily life, such as disrupted sleep, increased irritability, and difficulty performing everyday tasks. It’s important to empathize with their challenges and remind them that seeking appropriate medical care and documenting their injuries can help address these issues.

Flaws In The Healthcare System

The current healthcare system often resembles fast-food restaurants, where patients quickly receive superficial treatments without comprehensive evaluations. This issue affects the quality of care provided and can lead to inadequate medical attention. Below are a few examples of such inadequacies:

Deferring Medical Treatment

Health insurance systems often defer medical treatment as long as possible to avoid incurring costs. This results in patients living with pain and discomfort. A more comprehensive approach to healthcare should include referrals to physical therapy and other necessary treatments.

Case Study: A Neglected Shoulder Injury

One example of this issue involves a client who was rear-ended by a Home Depot truck and suffered a severe shoulder injury. Despite her discomfort and limited range of movement, her primary care physician provided minimal treatment, only prescribing painkillers.

After four years of living with the injury, the client finally received an MRI, revealing multiple tears in her shoulder due to the accident. However, the gap in time between the accident and the MRI made it difficult to connect the injury to the incident.

The Importance Of Comprehensive Evaluations

It is crucial for healthcare providers to conduct comprehensive evaluations to ensure proper treatment. This may include referrals for physical therapy, MRIs, or CAT scans. Without a thorough investigation, patients may continue to experience pain and discomfort.

Living with pain and discomfort can negatively impact one’s quality of life. Simple, cherished moments, such as carrying a child on your shoulders or caring for a newborn, may be hindered by untreated injuries. It is essential for patients to receive the medical attention they need and deserve.

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